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Our Range of Batteries


We are very proud to offer a range of high-quality battery products, including:

  • Automotive batteries
  • 4WD batteries
  • Truck batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Mower batteries
  • Tractor batteries
  • Camping batteries
  • And more

Automotive Batteries

Our automotive batteries are engineered with a cutting-edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. It offers the widest range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries.

Our automotive batteries are designed using the advanced technology that can withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The unique composition of the EXG calcium plates extends the battery's shelf or useful life and significantly reduces water loss. No need to top-up water, truly a "FIT and FORGET" battery.

Automotive Battery parts and Accessories


Automotive battery parts and accessories help keep your fleet on the road. Affordable Batteries has battery accessories and vehicle battery parts to support your maintenance program. Find vehicle battery accessories such as battery cables, multi-meters, battery chargers, automotive battery   terminals.Plus, specialty tools including battery holders, terminal pullers, and battery post and terminal cleaners and brushes.


All Batteries are covered by manufactures warranty

We understand that the world is imperfect. Rarely, even our quality products break down. When the worst happens, we want to make sure that our valued customers aren't left out in the cold (or the heat). That's why we offer a full warranty on all our products.



Nationwide Coverage

In addition to covering your batteries for more than three years, our warranty covers you nationwide. Wherever you are in Australia, your battery stays covered, so there's no need to worry about taking a long trip or even driving all the way across the country.



No matter how obscure the item, ask us and we will do our best to find it for you!

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