Meet The Team

"The Boss!"

Robyn “Rob” Collins is the co-founder and owner of Affordable Batteries, located in Smeaton Grange.  Opening in 1992, Robyn has been committed to supplying quality batteries at an affordable price for nearly 30 years.  She has a stellar reputation for going above and beyond the standard customer service other businesses provide, earning the title of “The Honest Battery Company”.   Robyn is the epitome of integrity which has enabled her to build a solid foundation of trade and retail customers.

Robyn’s extensive knowledge of batteries is extraordinary.  She works every aspect of the business, keeping a humble and unpretentious attitude.  Her customers have consistently sought her advice and trust her judgement for all of their battery needs.  Robyn prides herself on giving all of her customers the most accurate and honest feedback in a no nonsense, easy to understand manner.  She understands that trust is earned and it takes hard work to keep it.

"The Muscle!"

Mick Hogan joined the Affordable Batteries team in October 2017 as our lead sales associate and battery fitment technician.  He has had a fascination with electronics since he was a child, which naturally led to an interest in cars and their inner components.  Since getting his first 4WD vehicle (way back when) he has excelled in the areas of deep cycle batteries and accessories. He has learned a tremendous amount about the electronic workings of automotive vehicles, battery systems and their internal composition.

Previous to working at Affordable Batteries, Mick worked in the transport industry and the automotive spare parts industry; affording him a well rounded business perspective.  He has a tremendous amount of knowledge in electronics and batteries.  Mick is a hard worker who always puts the needs of customers first.

"The Brains!"

Cynthia came on board last year after moving to Australia from the USA, where she acquired an Associates Degree in Accounting and has worked extensively in customer service, marketing and accounting; both in the small business and corporate arena. She was the administrative assistant to both the Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Customer Marketing at a major corporation in the USA, where she gained a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of business.

Cynthia understands the importance of making customer service a priority.  She is dedicated to delivering high standards and excellence to the customers and business alike.

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